2011 F-150 Ecoboost – Purchase At Hallmark Ford Surrey BC – Cold Start Engine Noises

This is a collection of the cold start noises I’ve been able to catch on camera between August 30th 2014 and October 10th 2014. There are 14 instances of the noise happening on camera.  There is absolutely no way anyone can deny there is an issue with this truck.  This truck made this noise the day after taking delivery from Hallmark Ford Sales.

The truck has made this noise another dozen or so times at least including for my local Ford dealer who diagnosed the problem as an internal engine noise/timing chain issue.

Ford Engineering has said not to repair the truck at this time.

In the meantime I’ve purchased a truck that has an internal engine noise (stretched timing chain) along with a faulty turbo that is also making noise. The truck is now missing quite heavily on 3/4 to wide open throttle. Either related to the CAC issue or timing not being correct…

At this point in time Hallmark Ford Sales is refusing to open the motor on this truck they’ve sold me because Ford Engineering won’t authorize the warranty repair.  In the meantime I am expected to drive this expensive truck that I know has a problem, Ford knows has a problem and Hallmark Ford knows there is a problem but it’s too bad for me.

It’s quite obvious the engine in this truck has a problem and won’t be repaired until someone is ready to open the engine and diagnose it.

I can’t take the risk of having this truck break down while towing a trailer with all my gear inside… Which is the primary reason I wanted to buy another truck in the first place.  Some of us actually use them.

This particular noise is becoming a known issue on 2011 F-150 Ecoboost trucks.


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