Hallmark Ford Sales Ltd in Surrey BC Negative Review

This Is My Experience Purchasing A Used Ford Truck From Hallmark Ford Sales Ltd.

Hallmark Ford Sales Ltd. is located at 10025 152 st in Surrey BC.

On August 26th 2014 I traded a 2011 F-150 XLT Ecoboost to Hallmark Ford in Surrey BC. Only a 5 seater my old truck no longer suited my needs so I found the F-150 Lariat Ecoboost Hallmark was selling on Autotrader with a 40/20/40 bench in the front which gave me seating for 6 and also brought me up several trim levels.

When I arrived to view the truck at Hallmark Ford it had already been started and moved around the lot prior to my arrival. This prevented me from hearing the vehicle perform a cold start. This point will become important later in this review.

After test driving the truck and finding a small quirk with the Turbo I waited around for over an hour waiting for my Salesman (Dan) to get a service tech to road-test the vehicle. Finally they did, confirmed the sound was exhaust related and wanted to send me on my way.

Here is the noise the Turbo is making below

I took delivery of the vehicle and drove it home to the Island. The next morning, less than 16 hours after delivery the vehicle exhibited a very loud rattle from the top end of the motor when I went to start it the next morning. I was immediately concerned, but being a long weekend there wasn’t much I could do. I called my local Ford dealer and got an appointment for the truck the following Tuesday.

After hearing that initial noise I began documenting the noises on camera. My local Ford Dealer took the truck in that Tuesday, I had them change the oil and do a complete vehicle inspection and also listen for the issue. They could not replicate it! I was extremely frustrated and feeling sick over this purchase. I emailed Hallmark to let them know what was going on.

The truck sat in my driveway for the first week as I went out and video recorded every single start, driving it very little. You can see some those videos below.

Out of frustration the following week I booked another appointment with my local Ford Dealer. This time I left the truck there on Friday afternoon and returned Monday morning and started the vehicle with a Ford technician under the hood. He confirmed the noise was internal engine noise, likely the timing chain and they took the truck in to repair it under powertrain warranty. They called me that Friday and said Ford Engineering has denied any repair on the truck at this time.

I’d already begun researching the issue online and discovered there are actually a few dozen if not more F-150 Ecoboost trucks that have the exact same issue. The diagnosis on those trucks was a stretched timing chain and worn tensioner. Many of those affected trucks reported the issue coming back after having the timing chain and tensioner replaced. Ford cited this in their explanation to me as to why they denied the repair.

If you read other truck owners experiences on the F-150forums you’ll see Ford has done little to appease the people that are having this issue with Ecoboosts. In fact many have also been denied repair under warranty and for others the warranty has expired.

This particular truck (the one I purchased) sat on Hallmark Fords lot for more than 2 months prior to me buying it and likely had been moved several dozen times. It’s my belief someone, if not several people knew of the issues with this truck and heard the rattle it makes on a cold start. I cannot prove this though.

Hallmark is very proud of the BCAA inspections that they put their used vehicles through. In reality, it’s not worth the paper it’s printed on. The BCAA inspection is just a visual check-list. Nothing more. If you are buying a used vehicle from Hallmark Ford take the vehicle to an independent mechanic or another Ford dealer for a second opinion.

Hallmark does not offer any type of used vehicle warranty on their used vehicles. Many dealers, even shady ones generally offer some type of warranty, especially with an inspected used vehicle. In fact most vehicle manufacturers have certified used programs their dealers can utilize so you have more protection and confidence in the used vehicle you are about to purchase.

I am no stranger to Ford trucks. This is my 4th F-150 in a row bought from a dealership and the first one I’ve ever driven off the lot and into the shop.

It’s been a little over a month since buying the truck and my last email exchange with the Service Manager at Hallmark Ford (Eric) has resulted in me posting this review of Hallmark Ford and my experience buying a used vehicle from their dealership.

Hallmark Ford sold me a truck with problems refuses to stand behind it. I know there is an issue with the truck, Ford knows there is an issue, Hallmark knows there is an issue but nobody has the balls to open up the engine and take a look at what’s really causing my problem.

I am very unhappy with the conduct of Hallmark Ford with respect to how this vehicle was represented. I do not recommend Hallmark Ford under any circumstances for a used vehicle purchase.

If you have any questions about my purchase, how it was handled, or any other specifics related to my experience with Hallmark Ford Sales Ltd. of Surrey BC I’d be happy to answer those queries.

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